About me

We can say that Martha Alegria is almost an autodidact painter.
In 1984 she learns after only 8 lessons, the oil painting techniques and starts to paint on her own.

In 1996 she enters the "Accademia de Arte del Comune di Roma" to study the human figure. She also receives sporadic lessons from teachers like Eduardo Amato e Leonardo de Magistris learning acrylic painting techniques, but she always stays mostly autodidact creating her own style for  expressing nature thorugh her works.

She organizes exhibitions and starts to write poems. In 2001 she publishes "EL Pincel y el Corazòn" a book where she tells about her life as a painter and icludes some of her poems.


Martha Alegría was born in Choluteca, southern Honduras, the daughter of Jacinto Baltazar Alegría and Sophie Reichmann de Alegría.

She attended elementary and middle school in her native town, then transferred to Vermont and later to Montreal where she obtained the Bilingual Secretary diploma.

In 1973, she married the distinguished Attorney Alejandro Emilio Valladares Lanza and they had two daughters: Sofía Alejandra y María del Rocío.

In 1984, she made her artistic debut in the realm of painting, and in 1986 she held her first solo exhibition. From then on she participated in more than 40 exhibitions both individually and collectively in different parts of the world.

She has been residing in Rome since 1991, where her husband is the Honduran Ambassador to the Holy See and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

In Italy she attended anatomical drawing lesson and learned the techniques of acrylic painting. She considers herself a self-taught painter of Nature.

Among the collectors of Martha’s paintings we find well known world figures such as: Pope John Paul II, Prince Albert of Monaco, Princess Ana of France of Orleans and Braganza, Princess Inés de Borbón Dos-Sicilias Her works of art are scattered around the world.


Martha Alegria | Painter